Huntington Beach T Shirt

Huntington Beach T Shirts

Huntington Beach T Shirts

Our Huntington Beach inspired T Shirt collection features 4 original images that we feel represent a huge portion of the local surf vibe here in Huntington Beach, Ca. 

Our first Tee we are super stoked on is our Huntington Beach Pier T-Shirt. We wanted to capture the famous Huntington Beach Pier because its a local staple for tourists, fisherman, surfers and locals alike. Its a great spot to walk off a meal after hitting the sugar shack for some breakfast or just check out the waves at a closer vantage point than you get from the parking lot. Lots of local photographers hang out and capture killer surf images of the local rippers. We've all spent some time on or around the famous Huntington Beach pier, and if you haven't then make sure to put it on the list when you visit Huntington Beach next time.  This awesome locally inspired T shirt is available in 4 colors, Navy (Pictured) , Olive, Royal Blue and Black. 

Click on image to view all colors! 

Huntington Beach T Shirt

The second shirt available in our Huntington Beach inspired T  Shirt collection is our "Dawn Patrol" Tee - 

This T-shirt features and image that resonates with local surfers as that vantage point we've all taken to check the waves in the morning from the fire pits. Grab some coffee and stake out a spot on the your fire pit and you can see from the pier to river jetties and see which sand bars are working. Our Huntington Beach Dawn Patrol T Shirt is available in 4 colors, Black (Pictured), Olive, Navy and Royal Blue. 

Click on photo to see all colors! 

Huntington Beach T Shirt

Our 3rd shirt we are way stoked on is our Huntington Beach Cliffs T Shirt (many people know this area as "Dog Beach" 

This area is one of the most busy and consistent areas for waves in the entire city of Huntington Beach. The waves can be totally flat from 9th street to Goldenwest but you can usually find something to surf here even on the smallest of swells when the next closest spot breaking is the pier. Getting down the cliffs is a big part of the experience of surfing this area. There are giant concrete slabs that have broken off and fallen down the side of the cliffs, creating a sudo staircase in certain sections that surfers can scale down for a quicker entry point. It can be downright deadly after a heavy rain as the top of the cliffs and the concrete can turn into a slip'n'slide and one wrong step can put a serious damper on your session with the best outcome being just a dinged board. 

This T Shirt is available in Royal Blue (pictured), black, navy and olive. 

Click image to view all colors. 

Huntington Dog Beach T shirt

Our last T shirt we are happy to offer is our Bolsa Chica lifeguard tower t-shirt. This is "Tower T" at the Bolsa Chica jetties which is an awesome surf spot with consistent and good shaped waves. The lineup is normally friendly with a kind of "San Onofre" vibe to it. Lots of different styles of surfers show up here, longboards, fishes, rippers, weekend warriors, wave storms etc etc. This is a great area for learning with softer waves for cruising. It can get super fun in the winter over in this area. 

This Tee is available in Olive (pictured) , Black, Navy and Royal Blue. 

Click on image to view all colors! 

Huntington Beach T Shirt Bolsa Chich Lifeguard tower

Thanks for checking out our Huntington Beach T Shirt collection. We have several other collections available including Newport Beach, Trestles and San Onofre. We we will be releasing new T shirts on occasion and if you would like to be added to our email list to be alerted when new t shirts for areas such as San Diego, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Los Angeles or Malibu will be released, please sign up here and we will email you when the designs are available. 


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