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Huntington Beach surf photography

Endemic Surfwhere? interview with local Huntington Beach surf photographer Reese Pick'ell

We've known Reese for a while now which is why we want to help our fellow Huntington Beach peeps learn more about him. 

Beside being a crazy talented artist and surf photographer Reese is a US Army Vet, surfline local pro photographer, dedicated father and all around great guy. 

If you are in need of any outdoor style or nature / surf photography, please help support our locals and give reese a call. His contact info is available at the end of this post. 

Reese carter Huntington Beach Surf photographer

Name: Reese Pick'Ell

Age: 29

Born: Washington DC

Living: Huntington Beach

Years shooting? 3

Huntington Beach Pier Sunset photo

Why are you special? 

Honestly I don't even know, I kinda just got tired of shooting from the shore with a bunch of bozos. So I saved up for a shitty water-housing, for my shitty camera, and I just went for it. I didn't use fins for the first 6 months, it was so dumb. But I loved it. I just shoot the moments that I love seeing when I'm in the line up. If other people get psyched on it, I've done my job.

Huntington Beach evening sunset photo

surf girl crush? 

Haha - I'd raise a family with Ruby Coffey in a heartbeat.

OK lets get serious now:

Why surf photography? why not models or fashion or something that actually pays money? 

Serious hmm? Well, I dunno, it's like for so long people thought the measure of wealth was how much they owned, and I know plenty of guys who have it all, but they're constantly overworked, underappreciated, or just not given the credit for their commitment or loyalty. Shooting in the water isn't like that. It's rewarding, in every way (Oh, and I get to work with my fair share of models too). I seriously have it all.

Huntington Beach Endemic Surf Wear T shirt

5 words that describe your photography? 

Colorful, Intriguing, Raw, Unfiltered, Personal

dream photo trip?

Dream photo trip... Um, does traveling around for the rest of my life as a staff photographer for Billabong or RipCurl count? If not, I want to spend 1 year traveling from Washington State through Central America, into South America with a caravan of like minded weirdos who are just as hooked on the ocean as I am. Obviously catching as much surf as possible, screwing around, enjoying the culture, and filming everything in between.


worst place you've been to shoot surf photos? 

Ocean Beach, San Francisco. I traveled up there for this HUUUUUGE swell one weekend-it was a Thursday throughMonday trip. To say the least it didn't exactly pan out. If you've ever surfed Ocean Beach you know how quickly that water can switch up on you. Anyways, I went up for this epic weekend of swell, 14-18ft, and so I get up there and you couldn't see 20 yards out from the shore.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for doing some shit but I'm not going out anywhere I can't see, ESPECIALLY when it's just me out there by myself with a pair of fins. That's just asking for trouble. You gotta be smarter than that in this game, and respect for the ocean is always a must.

Endemic Surfwhere Huntington Beach Surfing photo

best experience you've ever had shooting surf photos. 

This past summer (Vans U.S. Open) was by far my favorite. Not that the comp was anything new, but I spent every morning out there during the free surf. I got so many killer shots, and had such a blast doing it. Free surf is my favorite to shoot by far. Comps and contests are cool and all but I prefer the more personal stuff, the kind of stuff where you're surrounded by talented people who are just doing what they love. And it never hurts spending time with people like Sage, Dane Malia, Kanoa, Tatiana, or Courtney.

Surfing photo Huntington Beach

any kooks you wanna call out?

Haha, kooks? Nah, honestly there's no one in particular, but I won't even lie. If you're out in the line up and you don't respect the ocean, the lineup itself, the locals, or you're that person out there starting fights or throwing a fit because the waves aren't "good enough" well, just get out of the water. No one needs that negativity. Seriously.
Huntington Beach sunset photo

Biggest lesson you've learned so far through shooting surf photography?

No matter what, sharks, being held down, getting caught on a reef, or losing equipment, don't panic. It's a waste of physical and mental effort, and that's the last thing anyone needs.

Huntington Beach wave photo

Any surf photographers you enjoy following or get inspiration from?

I get most of my inspiration from those in the water with me, but I love the work of Brian Beillman, Khin Pothi, Christopher Kern,Tony Manis, Rodney Richards, and Anne Blount. Most of these photographers aren't surf photographers, but they kill it in what they do and inspire me day in and day out.
Find Reese on instagram or email him at 
Reese currently works with as a local pro photographer but is available for contract work as well. If you have a need to any surf or nature photography please get in touch with him. 
All images are subject to copyright. All right reserved. 
Huntington Beach pier surf photo
Thanks for taking time to learn about one of our Huntington Beach locals. Please check out Endemic Surfwhere? for awesome Huntington Beach inspired T shirt designs. 

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